7P8EI Lesotho 2024

The next chapter in the EIDXG journey

Thank you for joining us on our 2024 trip to Lesotho.

Meet the Team


We begin traveling on March 19th 10am from Dublin, Ireland expecting to arrive in Lesotho by 6pm on March 20th. Station build will begin at 1st light on the 21st.


Operations will be on 160, 80,60,40,30,20, 17, 15,12,10 & 6m

Modes CW, SSB, RTTY & FT8/4 (using MSHV not F&H)

QTH will be the Molengoane Lodge, Grid square KG30vo.


QSL via M0OXO OQRS. Logs will be uploaded to clublog daily.

Do not contact the team directly re logs,